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As you know from my sidebar I review mostly Christian fiction on this blog and from the feedback you gave me on my poll a few months ago it's going to stay mostly Christian fiction. I do however like young adult fiction, a few general market romances and even some non-fiction. I won't be overloading the blog with those types of reviews but in the upcoming weeks I'll be featuring a few reviews (only 3 in total) from those categories. I know that some of you only like Christian fiction and some are open to all types of fiction but wouldn't be interested in reading a review of say, a memoir.

Soooo what I want to know is would it be helpful if I gave the type of review in the title of my blog post? For example, I just reviewed a young adult fiction book and posted this as the title "Young Adult Fiction Review: Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols." I did this to be helpful to you, my beautiful blog readers! Is this at all helpful? What do you think?

Thank you in advance for any comments/thoughts! :-)


  1. I think it's a good idea to say what type of review it's going to be. :) That IS helpful, because for those who are only interested in a certain type of book, it will clarify what kind of book you're sharing your review on.

    I love organization and such, and I think it's a good idea! :D Your blog is beautiful, Renee!


  2. Thank you so much Amber! I knew I could count on you, "The Great Organizer" to help me out AND lift my spirits in the process.

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. It might be helpful, but I think you are getting everything perfect already. :)

  4. You're welcome, Renee! You are so amazing that you managed to lift my spirits when I was supposed to be helping you! ;) You're so sweet!

    ~The Great Organizer (I'll have to remember this one!)

  5. I'm like you in that we seem to be the oddballs that like young adult paranormal and Christian books. :) I would love to see your reviews of the young adult books. And like the others said, I think it would be helpful to put what type of book it is in the title, because some sweet person that keeps up with your blog might buy one of the young adult thinking it is a Christian book and be shocked. Probably not, but it could happen! ;)

  6. Renee, i think it's awesome that you are branching out :) I don't really think you need to add the genre, but if you want to that's cool too :)

  7. YAH! I love that you will be reading some YA :) Whoot whoot!

    I love YA and CF :)

    I agree with Carrie. I don't think you need it but it sounds like a good plan (with the layout). You could even do "YA Review:" if you want to shorten it.

    What I do is include the genre with the review info.

    Either way I'm thrilled!

  8. I love the idea of labelling. We all have different convictions and read different types of books. I also love what Bluerose does in putting clean/not-clean labels on the books. Lets us know what we're in for. I used to read a lot of secular fiction and most of the reason I don't read it is I don't know what to if I have a forewarning introduces me to secular fiction I might not otherwise hear about. Just my thoughts.

  9. I'll echo everyone else's comments that it's a good idea, Renee. You're offering a wider selection of book reviews, and some of your readers are only going to read certain ones. This saves time for readers, and would also save you time with keeping them grouped together should you need to reference them.

  10. Thank you all SO much for helping me! I appreciate all your comments!!!!!



  11. I do like (and read) other genres, YA included (loved Twilight), but I only review inspy. I'd like to hear a Christian's perspective on some of the YA paranormal out there.

    You know you could expand the use of your labels. I've been labeling each book with the genre so people can find all the historical romance, contemp romance, etc. in my sidebars.

  12. A great idea, Renee. It would make looking for reviews on your blog that much easier.:)
    Love Ya,


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