Wedding on Wednesday!

Instead of the usual Waiting on Wednesday post I decided to continue with yesterdays Wedding post by sharing wedding themed books all week long! So today I'll share one of my favorites from Christian fiction author, Kaye Dacus entitled Stand In Groom, book 1 in the Brides of Bonneterre series.

One of the first steps besides setting the date is planning a wedding! A lot of folks like to plan their big days themselves and some hire wedding planners. Below are two of my favorite fictional wedding planners, Anne Hawthorne from the book Stand in Groom and Mary Fiore (played by Jennifer Lopez) from the film, The Wedding Planner!


Here's the blurb from the publisher and a link to order it from Amazon (I get no commission if you do, I just provide the link to make it easy for you).

Stand in Groom
by Kaye Dacus
Copyright 2009
Barbour Books
288 pages
ISBN: 9781602602885
Christian fiction/Romance

Get ready to attend the quirkiest wedding ever in this delightful romance by Kaye Dacus, a new voice in women's contemporary fiction. When wedding planner Anne Hawthorne first meets George Laurence, she thinks she's found the man of her dreams. But when she discovers he's a client, she knows planning his wedding will be no honeymoon. Can Anne remain professional while falling for the groom? Or will she risk her heart, her values, and her career in the midst of planning the wedding of the century?


The Wedding Planner
starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey
Released 2001
Rating: PG-13

Do you have any favorite wedding books or films? I would love to hear about them...I'm always looking for a good romance :-P


  1. That book is on my reading list and I love the Wedding Planner. Jennifer Lopez is funny in that movie and what's not to like about Matthew McConaughey. :)

  2. I love it! So Wedding Planner. Great choice :)

  3. aww how cute!! i loved the movie the wedding planner :) I kinda like the wedding date with debra messing. oh gosh, there are so many....

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  5. I just saw this article on MSN, and it reminded me of your wedding week... pretty crazy, right??

  6. Rachel- Uh wow those are a bit strange except the doggie attendant...that's kinda cute!

    XOXO~ Renee

  7. I loved Stand-In Groom, and I loved The Wedding Planner!! :o) I actually got my certification awhile back to be a wedding planner, although I haven't put it to much use (except for my aunt's crazy wedding recently).

    The one weddingish book I can think of that had THE MOST beautiful wedding in it was Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury. I won't spoil what happened for those who haven't read it, and it feels so inadequate to just call it beautiful, but that's exactly what it was. Hmmmmm.... *dreamy eyes*

  8. This post is great, especially since Kaye has mentioned on her blog that the film inspired Stand-In Groom!

  9. Oh wow Ruth! I forgot about that, no wonder I thought of The Wedding Planner, it was in the back of my mind that whole time my brain just didn't put them together till you mentioned it!

    Christy- I've never read SUnrise beleive it or not! *sigh* do I really have to add more to my wishlist...LOL!

    XOXO~ Renee


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