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I love books, (that's pretty much a given right)? Well I also happen to love history and that in itself lends to my other hobbies of antiquing, yard saling, and thrift store shopping looking for pieces from our countries past. I don't think I've ever spent over $20 on a object but still I have a rather eclectic mix including glassware, postcards and of course, books. A lot of these books probably aren't the kind of books that you're thinking of but rather, old school primers. I didn't have a particular fascination with them but after finding a cool looking grammar book at a local auction from a local publisher I started to collect.

Here's one of my favorites not because of the cover or the condition (which is awful), but what's written inside by one of it's many users. I love "old stuff" that looks like it has lived a long, full life. When I purchased the book I didn't even realize it was written in but once I brought it home and browsed through my new acquisition I was pleasantly surprised. The inscriptions written inside this book by a girl who, I'm sure was a creative student, just made me love this book even more. Did I mention that Carrie lived about 15 minutes from my hometown which makes it even more of a treasure?

So check out some of the pictures that I took of the book let me know what you think! If you don't collect vintage books or antiques I would love to hear what interests you outside of fiction! I love to learn more about my blogging friends!

Book is part of the Progressive Series and is titled Osgood's American Fourth Reader for School and Families by Lucius Osgood. Published by A. H. English & Co. 98 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. 1872.

If you'd like to enlarge the book just click on the pictures!


  1. That is soo cool Renee... I love it! Old books just make you feel so close to history... to know that someone was sitting with this book in front of them and writing in more than a hundred years ago... so awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, i love this!!! I esp. love her name ;)

    i love antiques and thrifting to find treasures also. i looooove old postcards that actually were mailed and have messages on them.

  3. LOL Carrie me too! I might just have to share some of the postcards that I have in my collection next week!

    Rachel I know isn't it cool? Plus she was local so I bet I could do some digging and find out who she was and if she has any family still in the area.

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. Wow, Renee...this is some pretty cool stuff!! I can't believe how good her handwriting was, too, for a young person.

    That's pretty neat that you have all sorts of old stuff. I love my trips to the thrift store, too, but I never seem to find anything nearly as cool as this. :o)

  5. Very cool, Renee. I don't collect books, but my family owns a 200 yr. old history book. It's fun to read what people back then, considered history. ;~) Love the post Renee, and I hope you'll post more like it soon.
    Love Ya,


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