Book Review: A PASSION DENIED by Julie Lessman

I'm always on the lookout for books that look a little different from what I normally read, last year when I saw the cover for Julie Lessman's first book A Passion Most Pure I was VERY often do you see Passion in the title of a Christian romance? It's almost taboo, I think. So naturally I HAD to buy the book and I wasn't disappointed, so when the third book was released early this month I HAD to get it!!! I was lucky enough to win a copy from Lena Nelson Dooley's blog (terrific blog you should check it out) so when it came in the mail Saturday I started it immediately...and wasn't surprised that I LOVED it!

A Passion Denied is the coming of age story of Elizabeth (aka Lizzie to her friends and Beth to a certain someone ;-)) and her love for spiritual mentor and friend John Brady (aka Brady). Lizzie has been in love with Brady since she was 13 years old but unfortunately Brady thinks of her only as a sister. As Brady begins to realize his feelings have changed, his past catches up with him and he is faced with hurting Lizzie and losing all he holds dear. Read the book to find out if Lizzie's dreams of romance will become reality. :-)

I really enjoyed this book because first of all, it's NEVER boring, and second it continues with the stories of Lizzie's family from the previous two books. The great thing about A Passion Denied is that FINALLY all of the sisters get along...I was getting a little miffed at the sisters for being so...dare I say...cutthroat?! It was really great to see Lizzie, Faith, and Charity devising a plot to help Lizzie "catch" her man and also venting about marriage issues and friendship. It's what I imagine I'd be jabbering about with my sister...if I had one.

From the title you can guess that this book is full of passion. I don't find it offensive at all, as it is a NATURAL part of life but I'd definitely suggest this as a read for older teens and above. Don't get too worried though, there's no sex, just some steamy kisses but it does deal with some issues between married couples. The spiritual message in this book and the first two are very strong and relevant to what a lot of young adults are facing today. I'd definitely recommend this book to someone just starting out in a relationship or maybe starting to date simply because it does deal with those "feelings" that we all have and how to deal with them in a godly manner. Overall I was very impressed with A Passion Denied and would say definitely go pick up the entire series and read it this summer!

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HINT: Visit her calendar page for links to various sites to enter to win her books...just like I did!


  1. RENEE,

    I just wanted to thank you for this WONDERFUL review and for posting my website and calendar page -- you're the best! Love your dog, by the way. :)


  2. Good review. I hadn't heard of this author and I am not mush of a romance reader but these do sound good.

    It was fun reading your take on them. :)


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