Faith 'n Fiction Saturday

My Friend Amy asked this question:

I often read blogs and reviews where people mention that they think of Christian fiction as being good clean reads. A lot of people turn to Christian fiction to avoid foul language, explicit sex, or violence whether or not they are Christians. Blog reviews are the best place to find out which category a book falls into (strongly spiritual or just a good clean read) and because I read a great deal of general market fiction I try to include that information about those books as well. you have any recommendations of general market fiction books for people looking for books in the good clean reads category?

Renee's response:

I don't usually read a lot of general market fiction other than YA books, but like Ruth from This That and the Other Thing, I like Debbie Macomber. Her romances are pretty clean as far as sex, and language go and they're just all-around good stories. My favorite so far is The Matchmakers (my review.)

Author Denise Hunter's books may also appeal to those who usually read general market fiction. Convenient Groom is one of my FAVORITE stories, the Christian principles are implied, and not really blatantly stated in the book. For more suggestions please stop by Amy's blog to see what she has to say about general market fiction :-)


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