Book Review: The Bride Blunder (Prairie Promises, Book 3) by Kelly Eileen Hake

The Bride Blunder (Prairie Promises, Book 3)
by Kelly Eileen Hake
Copyright 2009
Barbour Books
299 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60260-177-2

From the Publisher:
Come visit Buttonwood for a marriage mistake like no other in the third novel of Kelly Eileen Hake’s Prairie Promises series. In the Nebraskan Territory of 1859, Gavin Miller writes home to request the hand of Miss Marguerite Chandler. Unfortunately, while he never forgot Marguerite was the French word for Daisy, he’d failed to recall that the two cousins shared their grandmother’s name, and Marge was the nickname of the wrong Miss Marguerite Chandler! When his surprise bride comes to Buttonwood, unexpectedly followed by the very cousin he’d meant to marry, will Gavin be able to solve The Bride Blunder?

My Review:
I loved Book 2, The Bride Backfire and have been looking forward to reading this book, thanks to the ladies @ The Edit Cafe I didn't even have to buy it!

The Bride Blunder brings in some new characters, namely Marguerite Chandler and Gavin Miller as well as some of my old favorites including Midge Collins, the precocious teen from The Bride Backfire all grown up. However my very favorite character in this book was Grandma Ermintrude! If you've ever seen Granny from from the 60s tv show The Beverly Hillbillies that's Grandma Ermintrude! That woman speaks her beating around the bush with her. She certainly livens up the book.

There are really 3 stories in this book pertaining to the relationships between Gavin and Marge, and Amos and Midge and also Marge's cousin, Daisy. Gavin and Marge have to deal with a mix up with their "engagement" and have to find a solution that works for them with a little help from Grandma. Midge has finally met her match in the form of big, burly, but gentle Amos who she avoids at every turn afraid he might discover her tragic past. Then there is Daisy, the beautiful smiling cousin of Marge's who escapes to Buttonwood with secrets of her own. I was a little disappointed that Daisy's story didn't play out but I'm hoping it does in a future book. I want her to find the happiness that she deserves.

All in all this was a really good story and nice ending to the series. I still liked The Bride Backfire the best but The Bride Blunder is a relatively quick read I recommend to readers of prairie romances. The spiritual message in the book is very strong so if you don't normally read Christian fiction you might not want to start with this one.

My review of The Bride Backfire

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  1. Great review, Renee! I like how there are lots of characters and subplots!

  2. great review I love Kelly Hake's books


  3. Great review..I need to read this series!



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