Early Spring Cleaning Find: My Old Toys

Believe it or not I do, at times, do more than blog and read, sometimes I clean house! *wink* Well today I was looking through my closets (yeah I have two but unfortunately they're not full of my clothes) and I found some of my old toys! I cleared out my Barbie collection at least ten years ago but some I kept for sentimental reasons for instance a few my grandmother had bought for me before she passed on and today I found them again. Oh boy the memories! I can remember playing house even though I never had a dream house I improvised using a cardboard box or just pretended that Barbie was off on a road trip since I did have the Barbie car. No Corvette of course because even in those days I was a Mustang girl.

Besides my Barbies I also found a Cupcake doll! For those who are little younger they were dolls that wore plastic and rubber clothes (don't worry they were prettier than they sound) that you could literally turn insi
de out so the doll looked like a cupcake. So cool, or at least I thought so back in the day. Will someone please tell me that they remember those dolls? :-) I also found an old Troll doll with neon purple hair and a tutu! I think everyone my age had at least one Troll doll, right? I was no Mimi Bobeck but I had a few back in the day. The 90s were good for toys. I remember some of my favorites including the Magna Doodle, Betsy Wetsy, and the ever popular Creepy Crawlers! Those were the good old days. At the risk of sounding old...where have all the cool toys gone that don't require ten page instruction booklets and an Internet connection? *Sigh* times sure have changed.


  1. OMG!!! Yes, I remember those cupcake dolls! I don't think I had one, but I think I remember that a friend of mine had one or two.

    And oh...the Barbie memories. All of the ones I played with are still at my parents house. I have two collectible ones that I will never part with at my house--2 dolls dressed as Scarlett from Gone With the Wind. One has her dressed in the Twelve Oaks Barbecue dress, and the other in the Green Curtain Dress....never will I part with those! I hope I can complete the set one day, and get the one where she's in the red dress from Ashley's birthday party.

    Thanks for bringing back such good memories!

  2. I don't remember the cupcake doll. :( It looks like something I would have loved to play with!

    I had a huge collection of trolls, though. My daddy built me a shelf shaped like a house where they could live. (I now have that same shelf with my little boy's toys and books on it). I still have all those trolls packed away in storage, too. :)

    It's funny to think about which of our toys survived the cut. :)

  3. I'm wondering why I have never heard of a cupcake doll. They're quite darling. :) May I ask, how old are you?

  4. Hahaha Christy now that you mention it I think I have a pic of the Scarlett Barbie wearing the curtain dress in one of my old scrapbooks! I'll have to go look for it now. I hope you can get the one in the red dress soon. :-)

    Bluerose, trolls were definitely one of my faves because they were less expensive than Barbies so I didn't have to wait till a birthday or special occasion to get one. My mom hated them though for some reason LOL!

    Juju LOL I'm 25.

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. Memories. . .fun post, Renee! Growing up, I only had one Barbie doll, as my older sisters already had Barbies, and that doll was Ken! :)

  6. I loved my Barbies! I have never heard of a the cupcake dolls but I think I would have loved one when I was a kid. :) I was a kid in the 80s so I enjoyed playing with my Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Rainbow Bright, My Little Ponies and of course my Cabbage Patch Doll! lol

  7. I had a troll. I vaguely remember the cupcake dolls, but I never had one. My daughter would have had a blast with my Barbie's. My neighbor made a whole wardrobe of handmade clothes on year for Christmas. I sold them at a yard sale. Oh well, it's not like my kid doesn't have enough to play with!

  8. I've got about 13 years on you Renee, so I didn't play with those toys...well, I did have Barbies. Every girl had Barbies...

    But I can certainly relate to saving a few key toys. I have one doll I saved from childhood and she's on display in my dining room these days.

    There is an awesome museum in Rochester, NY called the Strong Museum of Play. It has aisles and aisles of toys on display from different decades. It is truly a walk down memory lane for everyone.

    If you ever get to Western NY, you should definitely check it out, and of course have coffee with a couple of your favorite book bloggers while you're at it. :)

  9. I LOVED Barbies!! My dad worked for Mattel toys when I was a kid and he'd bring home a lot of Barbies as test toys for me!

  10. I love your barbies, Renee!! Thanks for posting the pic!! I actually don't remember the cupcake dolls but she's really cute!!

  11. Suko, I had a few Barbies but only one Ken doll LOL! I guess it's cause he wasn't as fun to dress up!

    Angie, I definitely played with all of those toys too since they were still around in the late 80s/early 90s.

    Joey, I thought about including some pics of my Barbies clothes that my mom made but my memory card is officially full now :-(

    Joy that museum sounds like a blast, I'll definitely have to look it up if I'm every in NY!

    Sara, lucky girl! I'll bet you had all the latest and great Barbies!

    Carrie, I had another cupcake doll too, it was cherry berry or something LOL! It had a maroon colored ruffled skirt. It was prettier than the bride but I have no clue where it got to.

    Ruth I think most of us loved Barbies when we were growing up but sadly I don't think they're as popular today. :(

    XOXO~ Renee

  12. The museuem Joy mentioned has 27,000 dolls owned by Margaret Strong and tons of other toys.

    I remember the troll dolls, betsy wetsy and creepy crawlers although I'm sure I must be quite a bit older than you. Fun 80s toys.


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