It's Steelers Season....On Dancing with the Stars!!!!!

OMG how cool is this??!! Hines Ward, quite possibly the best wide receiver in professional football, is going to be on ABC's Dancing with the Stars!!! I'm sooooo excited since Hines is one of my favorite Steeler players. Since he's a wide receiver and as such has to make a lot of great moves on the playing field I'm thinking he's going to do great on the show, plus with all that determination and work ethic he has to go far! Without even seeing the show who is an early favorite for you?

Meet the cast by clicking the image below if you didn't see the big reveal tonight during The Bachelor!


Image from

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  1. oooh thanks for the link, renee!! i was just going to search for this! i love dwts!!

  2. Renee, I know what show you'll be watching! Enjoy! ;)

  3. I knooooow! I've never really paid much attention to Dancing with the Stars until the last couple of shows, but I think I'll definitely be glued to the screen this season!

  4. My dad and I were coming back from the store the other night debating who was going to be on the show. My dad said a Steeler was going to be on this year, first he said Ben then he said nah that wouldn't happen b/c of everything that went on last year, we were both surprised that Hines is going to be on the show!

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it this season! I know as a skating fan I loved the seasons with Kristi Yamaguchi and Evan Lysacek.


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