Book Review: Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot

Paper Roses
by Amanda Cabot
Revell Publishers
Copyright 2009
569 pages
DoubleDay Large Print Home Library Ed.
ISBN 9781607514787

This week I received Paper Roses in the mail as part of my housewarming gift for joining I've never read anything by Amanda Cabot before but thought the cover was pretty and since it was a historical I would give it a shot. It didn't take long for me to finish it and it was easy to copy was a large print book.

Sarah Dobbs arrives in San Antonio ready to marry the man who sent her the letters she calls "paper roses" only to learn that he has been brutally murdered. Sarah cannot go back East due to a family tragedy that led to her being shunned by polite society. Austin's widower brother, Clay wants nothing more for than for Sarah to leave so he can enact vengeance on whoever killed his brother so he himself can leave ranch life behind. Sarah stays in Laderville, Texas to make a new life for herself and her sister not knowing her budding friendship with Clay may have put her and the whole town in danger.

When I first read the cover for this book I thought that it was going to be more of an inspirational romantic suspense type book with an evil hard-hearted criminal...but it wasn't. The first half of this book was basically Sarah and her baby sister, Thea adjusting to life in a divided town of feuding French and German settlers. Sarah ends up starting a school for the town's children. I'll admit I was a bit bored. But the second half of the book was much more interesting even though there really were no "bad guys" in the book. I really didn't see the ending coming until I was about 3/4 of the way through, which is good because I can usually figure out "whodunit" early on! Once thing that bugged me was the misuse or misspelling of dessert. Since when did something good to eat become a hot, sandy, location? Oh well I know I have terrible grammar and spelling skills so I won't complain too much! So all in all this was a good book, it may be preachy for some, but if you don't mind that and just want to read a good story about redemption and forgiveness think about picking up Paper Roses. Thank you for stopping by today! Happy Reading!
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  1. Yet another book that's in my TBR piles! If you were bored throughout the first half of the book, I probably will be too.

    Thank you for sharing! :)

    ~ Lori


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