Cute Dogs!

I don't know whether to feel sorry for these dogs or feel sorry for the person that did this to the dogs (they had waaaay too much time on their hands!) I think they are super cute though! What do you think? Betcha can't guess which doggie is my favorite?! ;-) Click here to see the first slide in the sure to check out all 12, they're adorable!!!! Thank you Rachel for showing me these adorable Poodles!!!!


  1. OMG! How embarrassing for the dogs?

    It's very easy to know which one is your fave! LOL

    ~ Lori :)

  2. YeAH I know...just look at the title of my blog and my profile pic!!!

  3. I saw this same thing on the Today show website, and just LOL'd for the longest time! Those poor way in the world would either of mine go for that!


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