Choose your ball gown!

Okay, I could not resist replying to this post on author Kaye Dacus's website! I LOVE vintage fashion, I think I was supposed to choose ONE dress to wear to a ball from any time period I wanted...well that didn't happen! It took me a while to narrow down my choices but here they are! Some are not ball gowns but I thought they were so pretty I had to post them! What do you think? What would your dream dress from another time look like?

18th century:

Early 19th century:

Mid to Late 19th century:

20th century:


  1. I love love LOVE that mid to late 19th century one.... simply gorgeous!!

  2. I knowwww isn't it great? It's probably my fave. I love the lace in the front and the ice blue ribbon on the sleeves!

  3. I love the second for 19th century! and the flapper dress is pretty cool too!


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