Everything Austen Challenge: My Favorite Austen Cover

Hi everyone! I'm totally loving this whole Everything Austen Challenge! It's been great so far! I just haven't had tons of time to do as many posts as I would like! However I have been reading Pride and Prejudice again...and even introducing others to Austen who *gasp* have not heard of her books!!!!!

So as I was reading Austen, I was thinking what can I possibly say about Pride and Prejudice that hasn't already been said? Well I couldn't come up with too much. Obviously most of us participating in this challenge have read everything that Miss Austen has written and read reviews (mostly good ones) for her books! I was trying to think of something fun and as I sat staring at my copy of Pride and Prejudice, I realized that I was totally in LOVE with the cover!!!

I have the Wordsworth Classics Edition pictured below, isn't the cover gorgeous? The painting on the cover is a detail from A Stolen Kiss by Marcus Stone (1840-1921.) I love it because it's completely romantic, and I can totally picture this taking place at the gardens at Pemberley, can't you? I have to say though, that Mr. Darcy wouldn't have to steal kisses from me, I'd give them freely ;-)

I know that this book has been in print pretty much ever since its release in 1813 and so therefor I'm sure it has tons of different covers! So I want to know, what does your favorite Austen cover look like? It could have a beautiful, colorful picture, or just be an embossed hardcover...either way I want to see it! I'd love for you to send me a link with your cover and leave a comment on why it's your favorite!

Please remember to stop by Stephanie's blog and check out what everyone else is up to for the Everything Austen Challenge!!!


  1. Nice cover! I can see that you've read it many times. LOL

    As you know, I don't read Jane Austen, so I don't have a fave cover...you still love me though, right? :p

    ~ Lori

  2. Hahaha of course! You've at least seen a movie based on one of her books right...because there are a TON of them!!

  3. Oh yes...the most recent one was "Becoming Jane"...it was an okay movie. :) I've also seen "Pride and Prejudice" but it's been awhile.

  4. Becoming Jane was okay (I <3 James MacAvoy) Pride and Prejudice is good. Some modern movies based on Austen's books are Bridget Jones's Diary, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You and many more!

  5. Mmmm, I <3 James McAvoy too... how can you not with that cute Scottish accent?! Anyway, I used to have this one, until I dropped it in the bathtub: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51gNHXVR3.QL._SL500_.jpg

    And then I got the complete collection of Austen's works from Barnes & Noble - http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/bestsellers-2006/3449-1.jpg

  6. Hi Rachel! Love the second cover, it's very antique looking! The link didn't work for the first book! :-( Thanks for stopping by!!!! :-)

  7. Hahaha, I knew one of them would be wrong... for some reason, my computer at work wouldn't let me copy and paste into your comment box, so I typed them out manually. Anyway, try this one -

    Go go, HTML!

  8. Hahaha...all that for a cover!! It is pretty though!

  9. I think 10 things I hate about you was an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare! But it was a great adaptation and movie!

    I think your cover is beautiful. I own the complete books in one book together so I really haven't seen any others...

  10. Woops you caught me there...I just watched 10 Things and was thinking about it so I just posted it in my comment since I loved it soo much LOL! Thanks for correcting me!

  11. I like my cover on the Oxford World's Classics version of Persuasion. Mine differs slightly from the one being sold currently on Amazon - there is no white line across the middle, - just a red box above her head with the title. http://www.amazon.com/Persuasion-Oxford-Worlds-Classics-Austen/dp/0199535558/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1251781339&sr=1-1 I doubt that will work, but I tried.

    Some of my favorite "Austen" covers are not hers at all, but these new generation books done "in the spirit of" and that sort of thing. The Second Mrs. Darcy by Elizabeth Aston has a beautiful cover ~ as does The Darcy Connection by the same author.

    I liked the Pamela Aidan books very much - but only one of the covers struck me - and that is the one for These Three Remain. http://www.amazon.com/These-Three-Remain-Fitzwilliam-Gentleman/dp/0743291379/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1251781815&sr=1-1

    I am a sucker for just about all things Austen. :o)

  12. Hi Lee thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! Both of those covers are really great, especially the These Three Remain cover!

    Personally since I like the paranormal stuff too, I think the covers for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

    and Mr Darcy, Vampyre are super cool!


    And check out what I found while doing the search for My Darcy, Vampyre!!! MY COVER!!!


  13. WOW ~ you ladies know your Jane Austen! LOL I love the "new" version of your cover, Renee.

    I did not realize that about the other movies...Clueless is one of my faves! :)

    ~ Lori

  14. Yes Lori! Clueless is really good and we DO know our Austen! :-D


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