New Moon Movie

Is anybody else as excited as I am about the New Moon movie? I cannot wait until this comes out! It looks like it is going to be so much better than Twilight, which is hard to imagine since Twilight is probably my fave out of all four books and New Moon is probably my least favorite. I guess I'm thinking that they can't screw it up too badly since my expectations aren't that high. Have you seen the previews? If not you need to go here and check it out! **Sigh*** watch the trailer and tell me isn't Edward (Robert Pattinson) even better looking. I know. I know...can't be possible to improve on perfection!

If you want to see more trailers there are a few on Youtube that the girlies who went to the New Moon panel at Comic Con filmed on there cell phones. The quality isn't that bad if you don't mind the high pitched shrieks when Edward and Jacob pop up on the screen! I have to say I'm not criticizing...cause I probably woulda gave a little shout too :-) I just can't wait to see how they bring this book "to life!"


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