My Pets

These are some recent pictures of the loves of my family's pets!
I took this picture last week of my family's dog Coco and thought it was so cute that I should share it with my blogging friends! Isn't she cute?! She's 16 months old, a big ol' 80 pound baby!!

This is Coco's older brother Sebastian, a sheltie-beagle mix. He's 11 years old...he still acts silly though. This is him trying his best to squish in a tiny cardboard box that was on the back deck!

This is our kitty cat Penny, aka Pen-sters. She's Coco's BFF!!!!

This is our cat Mia, unfortunately she has been M.I.A. for 2 months now. We haven't seen her since June 3. So we're thinking that she was K.I.A. or hopefully taken in by some other person who thought she may have been a stray...she really is a lot friendlier than she looks in the picture!! :-( We think she ran away because she finally had enough of her sister, Penny. They never got along very well!


  1. I've always wondered what your pets looked like ~ now I know ~ yay! They are all TOO cute. Coco looks just like Prince & Sassy (our dogs when we all still lived at home w/parents). Prince was a Sheltie and Sassy was a Collie-mix.

    Awww! I hope Mia comes home soon! :(

    ~ Lori

  2. Yeah since you posted pics of your cutie, Deezel, I thought I'd post some pet pics so you and all my followers could see what they looked like!

    I don't think Mia will be coming home but who knows. My cousin who lives pretty near by said his cat went missing too. That doesn't sound good. I hope there is no "funny" business going on in the area. Some people can be very cruel to animals!!

  3. Oh no! I hope not, too!

    One of our neighbors, Don, his cat, Bo, went missing a couple of months ago ~ he hasn't came home either. He was sick though. We think he may have left home to die. That's so sad!

  4. Your pets are adorable. I'm so sorry about Mia. She looks like a very sweet baby. I don't know what I'd do if my cats went missing. They are my babies!

  5. Hi Heather, yes Mia is a very sweet girl she loves to jump up on my lap and give kisses with her nose! I hope she comes home!!

  6. Awww, you have some cuties. Mia does look a lot like Tony. I'm sorry she's gone missing. :( ((hugs))


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