Blog Tour and Review: Chosen (Lost Loves of the Bible, Book 1) by Ginger Garrett

Chosen (Lost Loves of the Bible, Book 1)
by Ginger Garrett
Copyright 2010
David C. Cook Publishers
304 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6801-8

From the publisher:
The first in the Lost Loves series, Chosen is the story of Esther—the story of a girl unsparingly plunged into heartache and chaos, who would save a nation ... of Esther, who would be queen.

Wrenched from a simple life for her beauty, Esther finds herself at the mercy of King Xerxes. Leaving behind her only relative, her cousin Mordecai, and her first true love, Cyrus, she is thrown headlong into the unrestrained extravagance of palace living. Quick of mind and strong in spirit, she refuses to suffer the fate of her harem sisters and boldly challenges Xerxes to give of his heart before taking his pleasure, thus sealing her place beside him a queen. While conspiracy spins its diabolical web, Esther's mind and spirit waver, and she is forced to confront the past in order to save her future—and that of an entire nation.

My Review:
When you can't tell if a book is real or fictional, it must be good! Although the "diaries" of Esther moved ahead a little too fast for me I enjoyed this version of the story of one of history's most beloved heroines. I really felt that this could have been written by Esther herself. Some of the most interesting descriptions are the beauty treatments and activities that the women participated in to become prepared to meet with the king.

I have never read anything other than the Biblical version of Esther's story but I found this to be a god rendering of life in ancient Persia. I didn't really understand the reason for all of the footnotes that referred to modern news articles but overall I though this was nicely done.

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*I received my free review copy from Audra Jennings and David C. Cook Publishers.*


  1. Kind of sounds like the movie One Night With the King. Great review, Renee! It's definitely interesting to read a (fictional) "diary" of someone's life but, especially of biblical characters. Who often seem distant in the Bible.
    Have a great day, Renee!
    Love Ya,

  2. I have this book with a different cover ... (I think) but mine doesn't say "lost Loves of the Bible" It has a symbol on the front & in it is written "The lost diaries of Queen Esther." It is published in 2005 and is by the same author. I also have Hadassah, which is subtitled One Night With the King ~ and that is the one they based the movie on. Both of them are very good. I think her story is really interesting.

  3. I absolutely love One Night With the King...sooooo good!

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. I had no idea this was being re-released. I got it through interlibrary loan several years ago, and loved it. I'll have to look for it.


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