Blogaversary Celebration Day Four: Author, Laura Frantz

I'm always on the lookout for books featuring settings that are a bit different from what I usually read. Laura Frantz's debut novel, The Frontiersman's Daughter is set on the 18th century frontier and includes Native Americans, log cabins, forts, and *sigh* waterfalls! It's a must read and I'm super excited for her next release, Courting Morrow Little, to be released this summer!

Here's Laura!

What do you think is the most important thing when writing a good historical (doing research, making it authentic, detail, etc.)?

Wonderful question, Renee! For me, I would have to say historical detail is so important. But let’s back up a bit. The setting of the novel is supreme for me – the sights, sounds, and tastes of frontier life in the 18th-century – so much so that setting almost becomes another character in the novel - very vivid and rich with a personality of its own. This requires lots of research and visiting the setting or, in my case, living there. Then you add all the little touches that make the story real and interesting to today’s readers. Instead of just writing about soap, I write about bayberry soap. Food becomes spoonbread and hominy and bear bacon. Fabric becomes stroud or embroidered silk. Medicines are Daffy’s Elixir and Ginseng and Sassafras. Details like these add depth and make for a rich reading experience. I hope you agree!


Excerpt from Courting Morrow Little:

Morrow looked away, trying to tamp down her heartache, the intimate question on the tip of her tongue begging to be answered. “Do you have a…woman?”

For a moment she thought he might say yes, and she tensed.

“No,” he finally said.

A bittersweet relief swept through her. Here and now, in the shadowed barn, nothing seemed to matter but the two of them. Every obstacle seemed to fade away. All the barriers between them turned to ashes with that one definitive no.

He leaned back against a post while she clasped her hands together and tried to summon the will to walk away. But the ensuing silence was rife with a
hundred heartfelt things, each wooing her to stay. How different this was than the first time, when he’d surprised her in the barn and she’d run away from him. Was he remembering it too?

Looking down at the hay strewn about her feet, she felt his fingers graze her cheek and brush back the wisps of hair that had come free of her pins. She nearly shivered, yet the warmth of his hand seemed to reach clear to her heart. Was the sigh she heard his – or her own?

Slowly she looked up and his hand fell away. Without thinking, she reached for him again, needing his warmth and strength, and returned his callused palm to her flushed cheek. Despite the darkness, she sensed his surprise, and it matched her own as he ever so carefully closed the distance between them.


He was so close he could lower his face into her hair and breathe in the rose scent of her if he wanted to. He’d not dishonor her, he’d once said. She didn’t rightly know what that meant, yet she almost wanted to find out. She was on dangerous ground, all her feelings tied in knots, her genteel ways fraying like silk thread. She felt the pressure of his other hand warm about her waist…his breath on her cheek…his fingers cradling her chin and drawing her in.

Oh Lord, I am lost.

Copyright 2010, Laura Frantz, (Revell) Baker Publishing Group


About Laura:
Laura Frantz credits her grandmother as being the catalyst for her fascination with Kentucky history. Frantz’s family followed Daniel Boone into Kentucky in the latter part of the 18th-century and settled in Madison County where her family still resides. A graduate of Denison University with a degree in English, she is a member of the Kentucky Historical Society, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Romance Writers of America. Currently she lives in the misty woods of northwest Washington with her husband and two sons.

She can be reached @

Pre-order Courting Morrow Little @


Oh, dear reading friends, I’m dying to introduce you to the hero in this scene! Morrow has many suitors, and I can’t wait for you to meet the man who finally wins her heart! If you’ve read my first book, The Frontiersman’s Daughter, you’ll know that Lael Click is a no-nonsense kind of heroine. Well, meet Morrow Little! It’s been said that no two heroines are alike, or heroes for that matter, and my books bear this out. In honor of Renee’s blogaversary, one winner will receive a signed copy of Courting Morrow Little upon its release in July and one winner will receive a sampler from Crabtree & Evelyn similar to the one shown here.

Thank you, Renee, for having such a heart for Christian fiction and spotlighting our books here. And bless all you readers! You are the very heartbeat of what we authors do!

~To enter to win leave a comment telling me what time period or setting for a book is your favorite!
~You MUST leave an email address in your comment so I can contact you for your mailing address if you win! (example: steelergirl83[at]gmail[dot]com )
~U.S. residents only please!
~Contest open until March 21, 2010 at 11:59PM EST.
~One winner will be chosen for the gift set and one winner for the sampler set. Their names will be posted on this blog, and they will be notified by email on March 22, 2010 and will have 48 hours to respond or different winners will be selected.

Go HERE to enter to win Love Finds You in Hershey, Pennsylvania, by Cerella D. Sechrist and a tin of Hershey Kisses.

Go HERE to enter to win Critical Care and Disaster Status by Candace Calvert

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  1. Only one more day left *sniffles* It's been so much, Renee! I can't until it's your 2 yr. blogaversary!LOL;) That excerpt was steamy with nary a kiss in site.Which IMO, is the mark of a great romance writer;)LOL
    I think my favorite time periode would have to be a toss-up between: the Victorian era and the early 1900's (1900-1930). Both were a time of industry, and elegance, in the most romantic ways!LOL=)
    I've been wanting to read one Ms. Frantz's books for months. I would LOVE to enter your giveaway, Renee!
    Love Ya,

  2. How did you manage to get all these fabulous books (and they all seem to be on my dreamlist)? I mean I don't want to sit back and ignore any of them. lol

    You do such a fabulous job.

    Now ~ for the excerpt. I was holding my breath toward the end of that scene. So nicely done. I can't wait to read it. And the cover is gorgeous!

    As for my favorite time period, I think it roughly falls in the regency era. I really look more to characters though than time period. If they are real and connect with me, then I'm a happy girl. :o)


  3. I love stories set in the 1800s--at both ends. :) I especially like books set in the United States, but not always in the Old West or Civil War.

    That excerpt was gripping! The book sounds lovely! I'm with Lee--I have been checking back here everyday to see what wonderful author and book Renee is spotlighting this week!


  4. Congratulations on your Blogaversary, Renee!

    My favorite time period is the second half of the 1800s. I like US-set stories, the West being my preference since I'm a California girl.

    Laura writes rich, delightful stories. I savored The Frontiersman's Daughter and am eagerly awaiting Courting Morrow Little.

  5. Wow, what a great excerpt. It left me wanting more. I love stories that can draw out such emotions from the reader.

    I usually read more contemporary stories, but I'm starting to get into some historical fiction right now. I usually prefer stories set in the U.S. though, no matter what time period it is.

    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  6. Dear Laura, oh your books sound so romantic, they take my breath away. And I love stories involving Native Americans because I am part Yakama Native.
    My favorite time in history to read about is the Antebellum Era and the Civil War. The drama and passion were so intense.
    Thank you for the opportunity to post, best of luck with your books and have a great day.
    Sincerely, Debby Lee

  7. Hi Laura, it's exciting to share Renee's blogaversary week with you and all the wonderful authors. Your book covers are beautiful! I enjoyed the peek at your upcoming release and the strong sexual tension between the hero and heroine. My books are set a century later than yours, which makes research easier or so I'd think.


  8. Oh. My. GOSH. Renee, thank you so much for hosting Laura. And Laura, I can not WAIT to read Courting Morrow Little - especially after reading such a fantastic excerpt!!

    My all-time favorite historical time period to read about is the WW2 era.

  9. Dear Lord in Heaven, if I don't win this book I will GO CRAZY ... and then turn around and order it from Amazon!!

    Laura, you KNOW how much I love your work, my friend, and this excerpt was so wonderfully YOU!! Sweet yet forbidden tension interwoven with prose that melts my heart. I cannot WAIT to read it!!

    My favorite time period often depends on the author ... if she's really, REALLY good, like the ladies on your blog this week, then that tends to be my favorite time period at the moment (like right now I'm finishing up Candace Calvert's Code Triage, and God help me, I'm about to leave my heart in 21st-century San Francisco, and trust me, not every author can do that to me!).

    But if you forced me to settle on one time period that is my favorite, I would have to say early 1900s ... but then, I might be a wee bit prejudice ... :)


  10. Oh wow! Renee, thank you so much for hosting these wonderful authors! It's been such a pleasure this week.

    Laura, I CANNOT wait to read Courting Morrow Little. I loved this scene so much.

    Favorite historical time period, honestly I think it would be much easier to say which ones I don't like, lol. I honestly have a hard time narrowing it down to just one. So let's see...
    I love WWII, especially the European theater, Victorian and Regency England, I've developed a liking for the American Revolution in the last few years, and I love anything set in Russia.

    mchapman (at) windstream (dot) net

  11. Yum! I'm ready for the main course, Laura. :)

    My favorite time period is the 1700s. Any time during that century in Scotland, and from the late Colonial decades, through the Revolutionary War on through to the War of 1812 in American history. The Colonial and Federalist eras fascinate me endlessly. Such a melting pot, such a culture clash, so many ideologies flying about and colliding. The story possibilities are endless.

    lori_benton26 @ hotmail(dot)com

  12. *fans herself* Wowzers... what a great excerpt!! Sounds like my kinda book... ;)

    My favorite setting is 18th century Britain and America - so much uncertainty in a quickly changing world! But to be fair, I love almost any historical fiction as long as it can draw you in and make you feel like you're experiencing it yourself.


  13. Oh don't enter me for the book, I am already getting it, but I wanted to stop by and read the excerpt. WOW! July is SO far away, but it will be like a birthday present in the mail 'cause, that my b-day month. :)

    Oh, Laura. I am reading TFD right now and LOVING it! There is no other stronger words I can say. It took everything within me to not stay up past my bedtime last night reading. About 100 pages from the end and DYING to know how it turns out. :) Keep up the great work.


  14. All I can say is, WOW! Way to leave us hanging, Laura! *wink* Now I'm even more impatient for Courting Morrow Little to be released.

    Well, my all-time fave time-period is "present day" (contemporary romance), set in the US. However, I have just in the last year began to fall in love with historicals (thanks to my blogger friends' recommendations!). I would have to say that the late 1800s and early 1900s are my faves right now. I've also read a couple of Regencies that I actually enjoyed. *gasp*

    Thank you so much for a wonderful Blogaversary week so far, Renee (and guests)'s been awesome getting to find out more about you and your books. :)


    sugarandgrits at hotmail dot com

  15. Laura, this is such a lovely excerpt! It has me excited all over again for the release of Courting Morrow Little! And I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about the *details* in historical fiction. Spot on. :)


  16. Isn't this one of the best "teasers" you've ever read?! Hmmm I wonder if I can enter to win? Just kidding LOL! Seriously though ladies, thank you ALL so much for visiting today and Laura, thank you for the wonderful post! I definitely love a book that includes details like TFD does and I can already predict from that excerpt that CML is going to be just as terrific if not better!!!

    XOXO~ Renee

  17. Whoa, girls/ladies! You've set my heart on fire with your comments, guaranteeing I'll write even more passionate prose:) Thanks so very much to each and every one of you for taking time to read the excerpt and then make my entire week with such heartfelt words!!! It's wonderful to meet new friends here along with tried and true friends today. Wish I had a book/Crabtree&Evelyn gift for every one of you.

    I had trouble picking the excerpt because my hero is so unusual, right down to his name, and if he said too much I knew he'd give himself away. I so DISLIKE spoilers. And I so LOVE my readers that I just gave you a glimmer:)

    I'm going to try to print out every comment here. Bless you all. Will be back in a bit.

  18. Oh Please, Please enter me. I read the first one and loved it. I am waiting for this one to hit the shelves. So please choose me. I love her writing.

  19. Please enter me I love Laura's books

    I follow on google

    I have your button on my blog


  20. Hello, Laura! Hi, Renee, Julie & all!

    I absolutely agree that "The Frontiersman's Daughter" is a must read. I treasure my copy of "TFD", and I wish that my mother was still here to enjoy Lael's story!

    Laura is an artist who paints a story with words. Her exquisite eye for detail and characterization completely involves the reader. You are not just reading her words, you are living right there in her fictional world. I am very much looking forward to "Courting Morrow Little".

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  21. My favorite time period is present day, but I'll admit...with all your historical book reviews, you might be swaying me a bit! :)

  22. Laura's favorite time period and setting is 18th century Colonial America, and her love of the era comes through beautifully in her writing. My favorite genre is Historical Western Romance of the the mid to late 1800's. I have often said that I am so drawn to the Old West, that I feel as though I lived there quite happily with the love of my life. I am a native of VA, but I did live in Nevada briefly as a child. My grandfather loved westerns, and he read a lot of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey stories. My whole family watched TV westerns together, and I miss those golden days.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  23. What a well-done post! Very interesting interview.

    I like to read historical fiction or novels set in the Victorian era, but I also enjoy stories set before and after that period. It's really hard to choose a favorite!

    Terrific giveaway. Please enter me. I am a follower. :)


  24. Great excerpt. I look forward to this book.
    Fav time period--I like current time periods that have issues I can relate to or I know someone going through them.
    I would love to have this book or gift set.

  25. Laura, you are gifted when it comes to suspense and detail! When I read Frontiersman's Daughter, I marveled at details --- like you said above, "Instead of just writing about soap, I write about bayberry soap. Food becomes spoonbread and hominy and bear bacon. Fabric becomes stroud or embroidered silk. Medicines are Daffy’s Elixir and Ginseng and Sassafras." Brilliant!So rich!

    My favorite time period for novels started when I was in 3rd grade, deep in the woods north of Seattle. That was the year I first heard, and fell in love with, the word "pioneer," and I read everything Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote.

    That year our teacher taught us about the pioneers that founded Seattle, the Denny family, and took us to Museum of History and Industry where we viewed the Dennys' re-constructed log cabins, and panoramas of early Seattle scenes, and we saw pictures and old pioneers' clothes and farm implements. Bottom line: I fell in love with David Denny. My hearthtrob. Little did I know then that I would marry one of his descendents--David Thomas. (Oh, by the way, David Denny's full name? David Thomas Denny!)

    I can't wait to read Courting Morrow Little!


  26. I love to read about books set in the 1800s.

    I love the cover on Courting Morrow Little and after reading the excerpt I can't wait til it comes out! :)

    sundaisy920 at gmail dot com

  27. Thanks so much for everyone's comments here! It's fun to read about which time periods readers prefer. I've heard that books set in the late 19th-century tend to sell best (think Deeanne Gist) but I'm thankful publishers are giving equal time to other eras. My TBR stack is toppling and I'm sure yours is the same.

    I love Morrow's cover, too. The art team at Revell is truly inspired and they always manage to pick the right cover model (and title). I'm always a bit intrigued to think Morrow is really walking around out there somewhere, sans the raspberry silk dress:)

    And Linda, I now know why Mr. T is such a great guy! He's from pioneer stock:) The connection is so intriguing! When I first came to Seattle I read a series by Brenda Wilbee (Harvest House, I think), that dealt with the Borens and Dennys. Fascinating stuff! The first book was called Sweetbriar Bride and I just loved it. I think there were two more in the series. And to think your Dave is a descendent! That's kind of like being linked to Daniel Boone in my book:) No pun intended.

    Thanks again to everyone for taking time to stop by Renee's great blog. Every comment warms my heart. This is such a great event I think we should do it again next year!

  28. Hey Renee please don't enter me because I haven't had the chance to read the first book yet!
    But I just wanted to come by and say hello to Mrs, Frantz, and say that I love the cover's of these books they are beautiful!

  29. My favorites are Civil War South or WWII.

    This book sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win!


  30. @ April and Edna- You're entered!

    @ Virginia- I agree Laura is an artist and so are the people who come up with these wonderful covers! Honestly I think I said this a million times but I love Morrow's dress!

    @ Sara- LOL I'm glad I'm "converting" you!

    @ Suko- Thank you for stopping by today! I agree it's hard to pick a favorite time period to read about but really any book that includes history of the US, I love!

    @ Denise- I'll admit lately I've been reading a lot of contemporary romances that I really enjoyed! I'm happy you stopped by today!

    @ Linda- LOL I too love anything with Pioneers!

    @ Angie- I can't wait for this book either!!!!

    @ Lindsey- Courting Morrow Little and The Frontiersman's Daughter aren't part of a series so if you would like to still be entered I will enter you and if not you can still be entered to win the gift set! Come back and comment and let me know!

    @ Judy lynn- I LOVE Civil war fiction and just finished an awesome WWII romance a few weeks back (Sons of Thunder by Susan May Warren)

    XOXO~ Renee

  31. Laura!!!! It was a great day for comments today and no wonder with that teaser who could help but say a few words and want to enter to win your next book! Thank you again for kindly agreeing to post for the wonderful readers of this blog!

    XOXO~ Renee

  32. Well, Laura, it reads like you have done it again ;-) Being from the land down under, don't enter me, but I couldn't help but stop by - love your work, Laura!

    Congrats Renee :)

  33. I realized I totally forgot to leave my email on this post - hope this covers it: ruthellenanderson (at) gmail (dot) com - thanks!

  34. lately, i've been reading historical fiction novels...and enjoying them immensely. happy anniversary renee :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  35. I love the medieval time period.

  36. Hi Rel! Thank you fo visiting all the way from Australia! Wow!

    Got your email Ruth, thanks!

    Hey Karen and Wendy thank you for stopping by today! I've got you both entered!

    XOXO~ Renee

  37. Congrats on your blogiversary. I'll have to check when mine is... hmmm.

    My favorite is probably medieval with knights or something with pirates. Gotta love a good pirate Aarrrrgh Matey!

    estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

  38. What a great interview, and I loved the excerpt! Super writing. My favorite time period usually depends on the writer's ability to pull into it. If I have to choose I'd say the early 1900's thru WWII is one of my top pics.

    Would LOVE to win this book. Sigh.
    Thanks for having this author, Renee!

  39. Thanks for the post--I'm excited about this book! I loved "The Frontiersman's Daughter." I think my favorite historical time period is the 19th century, particularly the latter half.

    Thanks for a chance to win!


  40. What a great interview.Right now I seem to be more interested in reading books from the current time period. I go through spurts where I love to read historical fiction and usually than it is from the late 1800's - early 1900's.

    Thanks for the chance to win and entering me.


  41. I love reading books around the early 1800's, although I will say I don't just stick to those. I like a variety.

  42. Oh really! Then yes please enter me I would love to have a chance win this book!!:)

  43. Oh, wow, a Kentucky author and KY setting? Awesome!! Both of these books are going on my to read list!! I love that she has lots of suitors-lucky girl ;) Thanks for the giveaway, I'd love to enter! My favorite setting is probably anything in American history.

    inthehammockblog (at) gmail (dot) com


  44. I've just started reading historical novels and I'm glad that I've discovered them. I don't know if I have a favorite, but I've enjoyed reading novels set in England and Scotland. I suppose a different setting attracts my attention.
    Deborah M.

  45. Hmmm...its very hard to pick a favorite time period. I think one of my favorites is the World War II era. I love reading stories of those who used their faith to fight the evils of the time period in which they lived.


  46. sigh...everytime I see the cover of Courting Morrow Little I wish I could look that good in that dress! LOL


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