Book Review: Mountain Rose by Cheryl St. John

"Mountain Rose" (From Love Inspired collection, To Be a Mother)
by Cheryl St. John
Copyright 2010
Steeple Hill
288 pages
ISBN: 978-0-373-828333
Inspirational Historical Romance

From the publisher:
Mountain Rose by Cheryl St.John
Teacher Olivia Rose knows what it's like to grow up alone and unwanted. But convincing reserved rancher Jules Parrish he can give his orphaned niece a real home won't be easy—unless Olivia seizes the chance of love and motherhood she never expected….

A Message from Cheryl:

Dear Reader,

I loved every moment writing Mountain Rose. Olivia Rose and young Emily are two characters who deserved to find a home and a family who wanted them. There's something deeply satisfying about devising ways for story people to find fulfillment in relationships and in their walk with our Heavenly Father.

Mother's Day is a special holiday for many of us, a time when we express our appreciation for the women who have shaped our lives and reflect upon those who have loved us and sacrificed on our behalf. I wish those of you with children a lovely Mother's Day. May you take time to reflect on your blessings and perhaps even indulge in a little chocolate. You are special, after all.


Cheryl St. John

My Review:
Cheryl St. John is one of my very favorite Harlequin authors so when I was offered an e-copy of her upcoming release, "Mountain Rose" to review I jumped at the chance! "Mountain Rose" is one part of the special Mother's Day anthology, To Be a Mother, which also features a short novella from Ruth Axtell Morren entitled, "A Family of Her Own."

"Mountain Rose" is a very sweet and uplifting story of a young woman who was orphaned at a very young age who must learn to accept as well as give love. Along with the themes of love and acceptance is that families are made up of all types not just mothers and fathers but those who may have influenced and loved us.

Even though it was only 140 pages long I felt that I was able to connect with Jules, Olivia, and Emily in a way that rarely happens when I read a novella. I loved the themes of this story and even though the romance didn't develop immediately I really enjoyed this story and can't wait for the next one!

For more information on Cheryl St. John and her books visit:

*I received my pre-release PDF copy from the author for review.*


  1. Thank you so much for the review, Renee!

  2. Both of these authors are faves of mine. I'll have to borrow my sister's copy...she buys all of the LI books. :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Renee!


  3. This one looks and sounds sweet! Thanks for your review, Renee.

  4. I just love the cover on this book! Thanks for the review and I have passed an award onto you. You can get it here. :)

  5. This book sounds so heartwarming! :)

  6. This looks so sweet!! I love all the covers of the love inspired historicals, they are so gorgeous!


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